The Truly Touching Tbilisi Fly-Out (Cancelled)

No thank you I can’t make it🥲

Oh ok then.

Bumping this dead flyout

This one please

Ok then! !!

Also select ‘going’ if you wanna come

Event Bumppp!!!

BTW im actually in Tbilisi

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@Olivia12 @Lufthansa1 @MarcosHazard @whyevenbothernaming @deltaoutofdca @SHI_YIN

When i announce runway in use as UGTB, pushback together so we can have a proper flyout.

Wait, you announce taxi before pushback???l
Also I think I’ll be eating dinner when this flyout begins so uhhhhhh…

Sorry cant attend 😔

Ok then, you can remove your “interested” tag

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Also, i announce taxi for pushback and for taxiing afterwards

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Sorry, I can’t attend anymore. Maybe next time

Ah okay then.

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Hey guys! Sorry, but i will have to reschedule to 2 hours later as something popped up! Im truly so sorry

So sorry can’t attend anymore. Have a great fly out!!!