The Troubles of #Support Topics

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been scrolling through the IFC recently and noticing alot of confusion circled around #support topics thus prompting me to make this topic.

Some of the problems I have been seeing include the following:

  • Wrong or misleading instructions to the OP to fix a problem.

Key point to this is to only talk when you know how to fix a problem. If in doubt let a person who may have more knowledge about the topic contact the OP. This in part causes the OP confusion on what he/she should do to fix the problem.
I once did this and didn’t think I did it until a staff member pointed it out to me and made me realized what I was doing was doing more damage than good.

  • Repeating messages that have already been said.

Repeating or Duplicating other peoples messages just clogs up the thread as a whole. If this is the wrong information (i.e. “reinstall the app” before any other fixes have worked) is not cool refer to the first bullet for information why. Best thing to do is to wait until the OP has answered the questions already asked prior to asking more questions.

  • Not having enough information in the OP or Replies.

When either making a #support thread or replying to the thread, more information and clarity is always better in assisting the User or Assisting the community to figure out your problem.

I hope this helps with some of the troubles and confusion based around Support Topics.

Here is the support topic FAQ and Informations page listing more important information:

Feel free to add your own troubles and how you can see the community be better in our replies in #support topics.



Nice topic, hope it clears some stuff up! 👍


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