The Tropical Flyout @ MMUN // Jan. 31, 2021

The Tropical Flyout @ MMUN // Jan. 31, 2021

Server: Expert
Event Type: Flyout
Time: 1800 Zulu
Event Location: Cancún (MMUN)

Hello aviators! I recently hosted my first event in Cancún! This was such an amazing event and I cannot thank everyone enough for their participation. It got pretty packed for Cancún, with over 36 pilots signed up and two controllers: @Mateo_CD and @PilotA320. This was such a memorable day and I cannot wait for other great events in the future! Enjoy!

1. Terminal 4

2. The Remote Stands and Terminal 2.

3. The corner of Terminal 3.

4. The front of Terminal 3 and part of Terminal 2.

5. Aircraft taxiing to Runway 12R.

6. More aircraft taxiing to Runway 12R.

7. Departing MMUN with some other aircraft heading to the line of departures.

8. Climbing out of MMUN towards the beautiful waters of Cancún.

9. Views of the Hotel Zone and Isla Mujeres.

10. Saying goodbye to Cancún :(

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Hope you guys enjoyed these shots and event! Special thanks to @Mateo_CD for doing such a great job as Co-Host and TWR, as well as @PilotA320 for his help and job as GRD/ATIS. Once again, thanks to all who made this event a success! Cheers!

Make sure to check out The Motor City Flyout @ KDTW! It’s next weekend!!!

Oh, and don’t forget about the Air Crossroads of the World Fill Up @ PANC!


Hey, it’s me! :)

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Hey, it’s you! :)

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I like being so in front of photo 2 ;)

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So happy that Cancun got busy. Thanks @Cooper_Marcukaitis :)

Hope to see you in ARG too ;)

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Yay! Think you captured me doing the (LATAM A350) pushback or revving the engines #2 photo
Love the #10 photo wow

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That’s me in the Southwest 737-800!


There’s me😁(NK A321), nice pics tho I really miss CUN

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I think one of those Southwests might be me. 😁


@DeltaFox Haha. Too bad you were the only Volaris there :(

@Mateo_CD I am as well. Thanks so much for all of your help!

@tjb0709 Haha, yup. Thanks for the compliment!

@LuminousNate Ayyy, right next to the 777 :)

@IF_KGRR There’s no way anyone couldn’t see you lol. I miss CUN too… there will be many more events here tho ;)

@heavy929 You betcha :)


That’s me in the Southwest 737-700 going to Houston!


OHHH I can see me in the 7th picture! The A350 taxiing!!! 😁

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@RagonDragon Hope you had a great flight!

@flybarroso How long was the wait?

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No longer than what I expected ATC was working perfectly!!!

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Awesome! Glad to know traffic was flowing at a good pace. Hope you enjoyed your flight and thanks for joining!

Be sure about that I’ll be in your future events!!!

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Awesome. Thanks!