The Trisaurus 727

Hey everyone,

Drove an hour and a half just to snap some pictures of this beautiful relic of aviation. This 42 year old 727 started service with the airlines, then FedEx converted it to a freighter. It was donated to Western Michigan University in 2011. I’m hopefully going to attend Western Michigan next year!



Toured Western Michigan last year as part of my college tour. Nice place. They’ve made some refreshments to the newer dorms so they’re up to date with modern “minimalist” standards. More of an encouragement for an open community kind of feel, I would think.

Ultimately, the 20-30 minute drive to Battle Creek for classes and out of state tuition fees is what drove me to Purdue. Still, it’s a good college. Great opportunity!

The dining hall food, though… 11/10


I love the 727! Love the photos!

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I think it dropped significantly last year, but with separate aviation fees, it adds up quick. The drive is a pain, but they have busses that run from the main campus to Kellogg Airport. Best of luck at Purdue! I’ll be doing a touch and go there for my first solo cross country this Monday. (Fingers crossed.) It’s gotten postponed three times already due to scheduled maintenance and weather, and there’s rain in the forecast Monday.

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It’s a classic. FedEx donated one to Sun n’ fun and it’s located at LAL Lakeland Airport. It was repainted in the Piedmont livery and is now available for museum goers to gawk at.

Nice catch


miss so much the roaring of the P&W JT8d-std

Nice! I wonder what the situation is on that MD-80 nose in the distance in that wing view picture.

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That 727 took all his attention. He slipped into an eternal depression and admitted defeat.

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Very nice! I would love to see this aircraft in IF though!

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I actually love the 727, not to mention the DC-10/MD-11…

Hopefully after the DC-10 gets added, they might work on this trijet…

They will add the DC-10 and md11 when global releases. But I would love to see them add Concorde, 727 and the a350! Anyways back on topic

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