The Triple Hub! | SAS Virtual’s inaugural event | @ EKCH | 061900ZJUL19

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About the event
Welcome to SAS Virtual’s first event, flying in and out from all our 3 hubs! The Triple Hub! Fly with us between Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo

About SAS Virtual
SAS Virtual started in late December 2018, since then we have worked our way up by making websites yes we had multiple websites since we wanted things even better than they were ;), making a PIREP system and fixing lot of small stuff. Then a few weeks ago we got the message we were waiting for, we were approved! Now the time have come for us to make our first event! Join us on this amazing journey!

About the airports
These three airports are the 3 biggest in Scandinavia, having over 70 million travelers flying trough them each year, they are located in 3 capitals

Oslo - Norway
Copenhagen - Denmark
Stockholm - Sweden

Server: Expert

Airport: EKCH to ESSA to ENGM to EKCH

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: Please use Unicom/Tower correct, all SAS pilots must use their callsign. x3,5 flight time for all SAS Pilots. Only park at every airport for a maximum of 10 minutes

No restrictions on spawns except airplane size

Terminal B
Gate Pilot Callsign
Gate B02
Gate B03 @axeand SCVA020
Gate B04 @Isgrena SCVA018
Gate B05
Gate B06
Gate B07
Gate B08
Gate B09
Gate B10
Terminal A
Gate Pilot Callsign
Gate A04
Gate A06
Gate A07
Gate A08
Gate A09
Gate A11
Gate A12
Gate A14
Gate A15
Gate A16
Gate A22
Gate A23 @GlobalFlyer1 N/A
Gate A25 @Kuba_Jaroszczyk N/A
Gate A27 @Jens_Severin SCVA011
Gate A30 @Captain_George_IF CG-004
Gate A31
Gate A32 @captain_JR N/A
Gate A33 @Jo_lg_16 N/A
Gate A34 @Latvia SCVA003
Gate A36

Here you can find our flight plan, add it yourself you copy from one of our staff

Flight plan

Staff have decided to not announce the fpl here, copy fpl from SCVA011, @Jens_Severin

Here you can find the beautiful aircrafts we will be flying with!


All aircraft should be in the SAS Liveries
Some aircraft restricted to SASVA pilots

CRJ 900
B747-2 (Only available for SASVA Pilots)

SAS Virtual IFC Thread:


Get me a gate please. 👍


No problem!

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I’ll take a gate with the 738! Don’t know my callsign yet, but thanks!

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We will fix that right away! thanks :)


Offf! Noooooooooooo!!!
I can’t join! I am in Telemark then!


Still lots of gates available

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Could I have a standby gate?

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Not really, but we don’t expect to fill the whole thing so we will just write you up!

Ok, expect me there, but not 100% sure I’ll make it

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Sounds good

Hi! This event is cool! I’d like a gate please

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A gate is yours!

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I’ll take a gate at Terminal B with the beautiful A319 SAS retro livery please, callsign: SCVA018


You will get as requested!

Lots of gates still remaining

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Lots of gates available

I am not availble then

Oh I would’ve loved to join you guys on this Inaugural Event, but unfortunately the event is scheduled on the same day as I my trains leaves for Umeå. So by the time this event kicks off, I’ll be in my hotell.

I do wish you all Pilots a splendid time flying, and the event manger(s) a great time hosting, and bringing Scandinavia alive with SAS color above the sky. I can see that the arrangements are great, hope all goes as planned, Best of Luck :)


Only a few days left!

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