The Tricky Telluride Flyout 13NOV23

Removing you now

Event slated to happen in 4 hours, but there is a high chance it will be moved back another hour

Event has had to be moved again unfortunately, and this should be the last change, if you can not attend, let me know

Event in 2 hours!

Passenger Terminal
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Pilot
Terminal 1 Denver CRJ-200 Denver Air Connection (Generic) @American367
Terminal 2 Los Angeles CL35 Any @ZK-AWA
Terminal 4 Aspen CL35 Any @MrGoatX
Terminal 5 Bullhead City CL35 Flexjet @Cole_Woodard
Terminal 6 Teterboro CL35 Any @DJW
Terminal 7 Las Vegas 737-700 BBJ @ayyjay
GA Apron
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
GA Main Apron 1 Any Civil Air Patrol C172 -
GA Main Apron 2 Montrose N1322K C172 @BenjiTheBull
GA Main Apron 3 Any Default C172 -
GA Main Apron 4 Any Any TBM-930 -
GA Main Apron 5 Any Any TBM-930 -
GA Main Apron 6 Any Any Colors XCub -
GA Main Apron 7 Grand Junction Yellow and Gray XCub @717Flier
GA Main Apron 9 Any Any CL35 -
GA Main Apron 12 Any Any CL35 -
GA Main Apron 15 Any Any CL35 -
GA East Apron 1 Portland Flexjet CL35 @Ryan_15
GA East Apron 2 Key West Netjets CL35 @Mort
GA East Apron 3 Jackson Hole Netjets CL35 -

(If we run out of space for CL35 in both areas, I’ll clear out some GA to make more room for them, if we run out of GA slots, I’ll add more).

Can I please have this route? Flexjet to Aspen Pitkin

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Yes I’ll switch you

no i mean C35 sorry

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Sounds good

I thought this event was at 8:00

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I had to keep moving back, but it won’t move again, it’s in about an hour now

Event in 1 hour @ZK-AWA @DJW @ayyjay @MrGoatX @BenjiTheBull @717Flier @Mort @American367

What time should I spawn ?

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I can no longer attend.

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15 minutes before the event

Removing you now

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Event in 30 minutes, spawn in 15 minutes

Please Spawn in @ZK-AWA @DJW @ayyjay @BenjiTheBull @717Flier @American367

Please Spawn in @ZK-AWA @DJW @ayyjay @BenjiTheBull @717Flier

Final Call @ZK-AWA @DJW @ayyjay @BenjiTheBull @717Flier

We will be using runway 27, just because it is a shorter taxi and winds are calm.