The Tricky Telluride Flyout 13NOV23

15 minutes before the event

Removing you now

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Event in 30 minutes, spawn in 15 minutes

Please Spawn in @ZK-AWA @DJW @ayyjay @BenjiTheBull @717Flier @American367

Please Spawn in @ZK-AWA @DJW @ayyjay @BenjiTheBull @717Flier

Final Call @ZK-AWA @DJW @ayyjay @BenjiTheBull @717Flier

We will be using runway 27, just because it is a shorter taxi and winds are calm.

Let’s roll @American367

Have fun guys

Thanks mate

oh and can i share my events

Not at this one, not really worth it tbh

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Ok, no problem

Event has concluded, thank you to all who attended

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If you want to attend my upcoming events, here they are:

Pictures coming out after I land

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As you share all your events 💀

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Lol ignore that, I don’t expect anymore signups


@American367 headed to Aspen
myself headed to Bullhead City
@AidanG3928 headed somewhere into the unknown

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