The transition of my attitude of flight

I just really want to write this journey because it brings so much emotions every time I think about it, if you wanna skip it because it’s too long just go back to real world aviation.

It starts when I got laid out of embry-riddle’s flight program because they think that I got nervous too easily when land on narrow runways or under pressure. That was by far the darkest moment of my flight training. Through my friends I found North Aire near the flight line. I originally just want to give myself a fresh start and see what happens, but my first instructor, John, basically laid down the foundation of my bounce back, I was struggling on landing at that time, so he cut down my landing into lots of small parts. When we are out to practice area, he also shows me some different aerodynamic effects such as steep turn+slow flights and get close to an accelerated stall. Obviously I was frowned because I am not Jebediah. We also did an exercise of basic navigation, he pretends that I am a private pilot and ask me to navigate to a place about 20 nautical miles away without his help, and I did it. After that we were in the traffic pattern in another flight, my mind finally opens up and realises “wow, this is how aviation is defined, not under the fear of being yelled by my instructor or waiting for their command, is how I can show off my skill in the air and maintain control” I did not say this out loud because I have not soloed yet, which the the thing I was one step close to when I flew at embry-riddle.
Last autumn he transferred to multi-engine instructor, so he can’t teach me anymore. So they found Pat to teach me, the funny thing is that since I have a habit of pulling out the tie-downs except the tail one and wash my hands before flight, he thought I am going to perform badly on that flight, but after that he told me “oh my god, I didn’t see this coming” After is basically clear sailing to solo, which I posted it last year. even though before solo I left the chalk on and have to stop the plane by my knee because of the downhill before I go.
Right now I am working on my local area solo, I am a weekend warrior this semester because I got so many classes, but do I think I already have this in my hand, although I am not in a plane for a while, but my mental setup is an intruder, not just a defender. I come up strong and hungry for victories. I don’t think that I am the subhuman like when I thought when I flew at riddle. I believe that if I don’t even believe that I am the champion, I would be the worst pilot forever. Because I would not even try to be 1% better than yesterday.
That’s basically what’s going on on my training now, but the unending story of courage and commitment continues as I am here waiting for my reworked F/A-18E or new F-35C.


Great Story! Just by reading, I really felt like I was with you every step of the way. This only motivates me more to become a pilot 👨‍✈️ 🤙

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