The TransAtlantic C172 (Part 1)

So I have decided to launch a new mission to cross the Atlantic in a C172 (My favourite plane in IF). Now you guys might think I’m crazy but I won’t be trying to cross it in one go. No no. I will be be taking a northern route and the voyage will be broken into different legs. I will start in my home country of Ireland and at my local GA airfield (Weston, EIWT). The route planning is a work in progress but the idea is Ireland to Scotland to Iceland to Greenland to Quebec and then I might try to end my journey in a challenging airport in the US that you have probably all heard of before; KASE. I will be trying to find the most interesting airports to stop at along the way. The first of which being Barra airport in Scotland. As I’m sure many of you know this airport is a special one with it’s runway being a beach!

Today I embarked upon the first leg of my long and tiring journey across the Atlantic with a quick two hour hop from Weston (EIWT) to Barra (EGPR).

Flight details:

Server: ES
Flight Time: In total the flight time was 2 hours and four minutes.
Flight Plan: EIWT DUB 5349N/617W NEVRI ABSUN BEL TOBMO 5650N/643W EGPR

Parked up at Weston preparing for the flight to Barra. I like to use the Embry Riddle livery on my C172’s as it’s very similar to that of my local flight school who actually operate at Weston.

Departing north out of runway 07 at EIWT

Staying low on the initial climb as to not interfer with traffic from Dublin airport (EIDW).

Saying goodbye to the north coast of Northern Ireland and hello to the welcoming islands of west Scotland.

Starting the descent from cruise at 12,000 feet. (I had to have at least one sunset picture in there 😉).

On short final into runway 33 at Barra.


Parked up at Barra beach ready for the next leg of this fantastic journey!

If you guys know any airports along the way that are pretty special please let me know in the comments below! 👇

This is my first ever #screenshots-and-videos post so if you have any feedback I would love to hear it! ❤️

Inspiration for the journey was from Matt Guthmiller on YouTube. Be sure to check him out!


Nice pics! You know, if you really wanted, you could cross in one go…

My record from KSWF-EGLC is 4 hours exact at around mach 4


Trust me I thought about it lol 😆 In the end I decided to keep it realistic as this is done IRL too!

This is awesome! Have fun and hopefully good tailwinds!

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I might need them 😄

I think I saw you on radar earlier and I should try something like that to as a fellow EIVA member.

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Haha😂 One of my favorite airports is KLXV; it’s the airport with the highest elevation in North America! It’s right next to KASE if that’s where your ending up at!

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Wow amazing idea. I watched the video a couple of days ago. Glad to see people watch the same youtubers as I do.

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Yeah he does really interesting flights like Alaska into Russia for example. Pretty interesting to watch.

Absolutely marvellous shots, Ryan!