The Training Server 1

Unfortunately, this is how it’s like on training server. Fly on expert for a realistic experience.

I´ll write what everyone else writes, apply for the Expert ATC exam, and ATC on Expert.

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#Welcome to the Playground!

Thank you for that suggestion, I’m going to do that

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Well, that’s the training server for you xD

Contact Tyler Shelton for it.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do about ATC on TS. On a side note, why were you back taxiing aircraft at KSAN?


I know how you feel, and it can feel pretty little helpless sometimes. For me it’s kinda like golf. Those one or two decent shots that I make keep me energized to continue playing. Just like good pilots. There’s more good pilots out there than bad, but some rounds are better than others. You’ll get a realistic experience on expert, until then just do your best and keep with it. I believe that good controllers completely make IF everything that it is, no offense to the graphics and code people.

Is that baby wearing a Reds uniform?


Did nobody see the meme here?


Looks like you got the Maxmustang syndrome lol.

I did, but I preferred not to comment about it.

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You guys are boring. ;p

Anyways, I don’t even bother trying to control on the Training Servers. That’s why every time I DO control, I invite forum members to come to my sessions so I don’t have a bunch of nimrods decide to not follow my instructions.

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Lol, yes he is.

I don’t know what that means.

Thread title explains it all. Why do you feel compelled to put people on blast for training exercises?

Check his answers and you’ll get it.

Training server 1 is getting more and more idiot pilot and idiot atc, everything request approved easily, all runway become 2-way, simply taxiing to runway or take off by using grass, just to earn exp faster? It’s not fun anymore.

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