The Training Server 1

I just did a 28 minute controlling at KSAN. I could have done more, but, it was too frustrating. I don’t ATC a lot, but when I do it, I do it quite well. The training server from the name is obviously meant to train people to become better pilots or ATC’s and can fly in the expert server. I do expert server mostly because everyone there knows what they’re doing

This guy I told to back taxi runway 09 and contact ground for 2 minutes while he was holding short, he didn’t listen. He then entered the runway when I had about 5 aircraft at the time on final for the runway 27(opposite). I told him to hold position three times and he didn’t. He technically collided with 2 aircraft.
Please let the grading team do something about this. Someone cannot be a grade two and then, he/she can’t follow a simple instruction


That is actually a everyday thing for ATC’s

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Unfortunately, this is how it’s like on training server. Fly on expert for a realistic experience.

I´ll write what everyone else writes, apply for the Expert ATC exam, and ATC on Expert.

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Thank you for that suggestion, I’m going to do that

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Well, that’s the training server for you xD

Contact Tyler Shelton for it.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do about ATC on TS. On a side note, why were you back taxiing aircraft at KSAN?


I know how you feel, and it can feel pretty little helpless sometimes. For me it’s kinda like golf. Those one or two decent shots that I make keep me energized to continue playing. Just like good pilots. There’s more good pilots out there than bad, but some rounds are better than others. You’ll get a realistic experience on expert, until then just do your best and keep with it. I believe that good controllers completely make IF everything that it is, no offense to the graphics and code people.

Is that baby wearing a Reds uniform?


Did nobody see the meme here?


Looks like you got the Maxmustang syndrome lol.

I did, but I preferred not to comment about it.

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You guys are boring. ;p

Anyways, I don’t even bother trying to control on the Training Servers. That’s why every time I DO control, I invite forum members to come to my sessions so I don’t have a bunch of nimrods decide to not follow my instructions.

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Lol, yes he is.

I don’t know what that means.

Thread title explains it all. Why do you feel compelled to put people on blast for training exercises?

Check his answers and you’ll get it.