The topic with the most posts that's still open

One of my topics has 1051 replies and I was wondering if it was the biggest topic. Anyone know of any other big ones?

And what topic might that be?

The A320 tracking thread, but that’s obviously closed.

Community members spotted on Live.


Yeah, the A320 thread was the biggest. It still is but it’s closed.

I know. Is mine the biggest that’s open?

I think so.

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Probably community members spotted

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We have Humorous Live Photos, Community Members spotted on Live, Best IF photos.

Community Members spotted on live IS the biggest open thread.

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Yeah but people matter about the biggest ever! The A320 thread with 2222

I have a pm with almost 300 in 2 days😂😆

IFEP pm post

Over 2400

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PMs don’t count.

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@B767fan… Max Sez. “Pride goeth before a Fall!”…


Everyone, I say…good night 😴