The Tioman Challenge

Another of my challenges!

This time you are challenged to make a perfect landing with huge commercial jets, the fighter or the space shuttle on WMBT Runway 02. Post some photos here and see who lands the biggest aircraft.

Please note:
Extra points for those who land with high winds/visibility below 5km/overloaded flight.
Go-arounds not allowed. If you crash, you crash.
Seatbelt sign on!
No autopilot.
Don’t worry if you overshoot!
Extra points if you execute a PERFECT landing.
Try not to do this on Live as the ATC might get mad!
No turning around! That’s cheating!

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I won the IFES WMBT landing competition 😉

I go there so often.

Most are on approach, sorry.

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There is no more space shuttle


Is this in the right category? Shouldn’t this be in #live?

It’s not specific to live, solo too. Not sure…

I think it should stay.

mmmh, sorry it’s just in approach or after toutchdown :(

Aren’t we supposed to be approaching 02 not 20? But none the less great landing!

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Oops, sorry about that.

Approaching on 02 is pretty easy in the GA aircraft, turn sharp left, then right, then left onto touchdown. Shaves of speed like the space shuttle did, but certainly won’t be comfortable.

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Try not to turn. Just nosedive once you pass the mountain.

Too quick then, you can do space shuttle style s-turns to shave speed off.

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