The Tiny Square I see

I hold grade 3 currently. I rarely see the aircrafts of other players, instead i always see a tiny rectangle and the players name. Why is this? This makes IF a bit unrealistic. And is there a solution to it? should i tweak some settings here and there? Kindly help

In IF’s settings under “online” you should see a “Aircraft Count” setting. What is it set to?

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U mean the server connection? Its always connected online.

No no, Airplane Count

Infinite Flight Settings → Online → Airplane Count

Its on Medium. I will try with very high and let u know.

You can adjust how many aircraft are loaded in with the method that @AIDAN101 has mentioned above. Aircraft generally load in up to 10nm from what I’ve experienced. Aircraft beyond this range will show as a white square with a nametag. Loading lots of aircraft may also affect your performance if you’re at a very busy airport.


Thanks @Dan
But after increasing the airplane count, it seems to do the trick. I could now see some aircrafts. Thanks @AIDAN101


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