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Hola everyone, today I’ve got more shots, from 2 flights that I did. The first was from Denver to Aspen with @Pingu and @RTG113, in the CRJ7, which was a completely uneventful and legit flight. The second was from Nadi, Fiji, to Burbank, CA, in the CCX. That’s all, enjoy.

JA-029J, traffic alert, check surroundings immediately 🤡🤡🤡

Short final into Aspen, on the Roaring Forks Vis

Going around since I can’t fly the CRJ

Turning final

Slowing down

Pulling onto the ramp

On the arrival into Burbank from Nadi, with some SoCal haze

This is probably near where Trevor Jacobs happened

Short final into Hollywood

I love the reversers on the CCX

Anyways, that’s all for now, I should edit some more photos soon. See you later

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Presenting: Screenshots

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Really nice shots! Would love to see more!

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Love these shots I can’t make shots as good as this well done

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Damn the 2nd photo is amazing 😍🤩


Amazing photos!

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Thanks everyone!

How do you edit like this?

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That last picture is brilliant! Would love more of these

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sure lil bro

You sure it was him that got that command?

At least you’re honest

Nice shots kiddo, also fun flying together

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the way u edit these photos is spectacular. Keep it up!

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Wowww, great shots! 👏👏

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what app do you use to edit like this.


Thanks kiddo

I use Photoshop Express, Snapseed, and Pixlr

Thanks :)


Mate can you pls teach me how to take photos like these. 😅😅

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Unfortunately I’m not good at teaching, though I recommend checking out @Suhas’s Complete Guide to Infinite Flight Photography. It got me started in screenshotting, and it has some pretty good advice :)

Look at his topics too, I’ve based a few of my shots in the past of of his lol


Ok nice! Definitely will use them

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Looking good like a boss


Fantastic shots!