The time of my life at the Airshow

Today I literally had the time of my life at the Joint Base Andrews Airshow. Before continuing, I want to warn that I am in no way a photographer or good at photos.

My mother who is former Army doesn’t know much about planes, but knew this looked familiar. My eyes were set on this before we even left the house! C40


I know nothing about helicopters, the questions I asked caused the pilot to look so confused 🤣

@RotorGuy you know anything about this??

At the controls

Another beauty, the KC-10 😍

@anon66442947 @HiFlyer @baseball_inferno along with all other DC area community members the flying portion is cancelled tomorrow due to storms but next year, be here!!!
Thank you all 🙏


Wow, great photos! Well done!


Sorry about the 10 photos rule, I’m working on it

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The UH72 is the Army’s primary trainer! It’s a hybrid of a BK117, the front is off an EC145, it’s a multi roll operation with a ton of platforms, it’s not able to deployable so it’s state side only


i use to go every year was awesome. I havnt been for 6-7 yrs tho

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I’ve added a cabin view of the C40

I went to the airshow and it was amazing.
Did you have any pics of the f 35s??

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No unfortunately I didn’t see any F35s

Is it permanently canceled until next year, or is it postponed? And where can we get our money back?

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Yesterday, we were told that the flying portion would be cancelled today due to weather, but static display would still go on. They joked “come out to dance around”. I have looked at their website and found nothing about this. If you have plans to go today make sure to call first.

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