The Third MegaEvent - Poll

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Everyone,

I am posting today to discuss the matter of what was formerly known as the Regulars Events. Due to many of our dedicated team loosing their TL3 Status, we came to a decision to form an independent, non-branding board behind these events, which hereafter will be known as MegaEvents. The organization is the Infinite Flight Mega Event Board (IFMEB), but I won’t rant on about that too much, but do know this ⬇.

Boring Stuff, Read if you want or intend to comment about IFVARB Approval

We do not intend to brand our events or run a ‘thread’. We are just a group of virtual friends and some former and current regulars working together on these events, the name is simply for ease of referral.

Alright, thanks for bearing with me. The next event we will be running will be titled California Cruising. Once again innovating the events sector, this event will entail multiple departure airports, this time in SoCal, and multiple arrival airports, this time with them all in NorCal.

“What do I need to do?”

We need the community to vote on three arrival and three departure airports below. Thanks a bunch!

– The IFMEB Team

Preferred Departure Airports
We kindly ask that you consider not choosing superhubs for the purpose of exploring somewhere new.

  • KLAX

  • KONT

  • KBUR

  • KLGB

  • KSNA

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Preferred Arrival Airports
We kindly ask that you consider not choosing superhubs for the purpose of exploring somewhere new.

  • KSFO
  • KSJC
  • KSTS
  • KOAK

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Thank You


I so want to have the arrival KSTS. Its my home airport! hope we can make that happen


Stuck a vote on there for you mate.

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Why how kind of you! In the entire history of the IFC, there has yet to be an event out of KSTS


*Chooses every single one except KSFO and KLAX. Please no way on hell.


How would I join the IFMEB?

Currently everyone is hand chosen for their known helpfulness and activity based on the regulars events, but that will more than likely change.

Ok thanks for the info

As the results were fairly sound and the planning is now well underway, polls have been closed. I am happy to announce our routes for California Cruising are:


We’ve still got a bit more planning to do but expect a thread to be out in the next month. Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peak at a new piece of tech we’ll be using…

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Really? Nothing to STS? I’m a bit disappointed

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Hi All,

Many of you messaged me upon seeing this topic wondering whether you could join IFMEB. After some consideration, the admin team have decided to open this up to the community. The below application form is very different to what you might see even from a VA Staff Application. We are looking for extremely dedicated members, and as such the form has been made so that it is simpler for the kind of people we are looking for. That’s not to say if you’re find it difficult that we don’t want to have you, as we’ve also made sure that even if you find it difficult, your skills can still shine through.

Take your time with this form, it won’t be a 1 minute job. But trust me it will be worth it.


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