The TFR at London city

Does the TFR at London city mean that a B777 can’t fly through the airspace below 10,000 feet? Cause I was thinking of landing Runway 27R at LHR but if I can’t fly through it then I will plan a different runway?

No. As far as I am aware, it only means that aircraft landing (or departing) at EGLC aren’t allowed.

I was recently controlling at EGLC and had aircraft fly thru that airspace without consequences and just not landing there.


Ohh ok then thanks

i thought this TFR seemed unclear, “no aircraft bigger than A318. Excludes all Boeing and Airbus aircraft”. does that mean that you’re allowed to (at least try to) land something like a 777 there? if that excludes Boeing and Airbus planes, surely any sized plane from either of those manufacturers is allowed?
Someone please explain this since it doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

No! No! No.

This disallows every other Boeing and Airbus plane to land in EGLC.

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No do not land a wide body in EGLC as the biggest plane allowed is the A318

yeah, i sort of guessed i wasn’t allowed to do that (so don’t worry, i’m in a Dash 8 and not even going to LCY) but it seemed as if they were saying you could land there in something like a 777 or a330.
thanks for making it clear :)

It’s common sense not to land a widebody in EGLC so getting the context should be easy. No worries and thanks for understanding 🙃

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yeah it is common sense, hence why i’m not doing it haha. but nonetheless, i wondered if the TFR was saying otherwise


Hey there Harry, so I know some people have already helped you out with the confusion, however, I too had to re-read the TFR, and even had to hop on the forum to figure out exactly what the TFR really means. If you look through my post that I’ll link below, you’ll find a screenshot from Misha that explains a bit more clearly, and in more detail what the TFR at LCY really indicates. If you want you can scroll through some of the other replies in that thread also, you might find some more information.

-Moosehead :)

Hi, this is massively appreciated. thanks very much, i’ll be sure to check this out right now :)

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