The TBM930 Cockpit: Explained

Welcome to the TBM-930 cockpit tutorial. The TBM cockpit utilizes the Garmin G3000 glass panel. You will notice that instruments in this cockpit are very similar to other instruments in aircraft such as the Cessna 172 and XCub. The cockpit consists of three main panel screens. Keep reading below to see a full breakdown of what each screen does and what is on them. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.


Letter Instrument Explained
A Standby Attitude Module #1 Contains a standby attitude indicator.
B Standby Attitude Module #2 Contains your current speed and altitude.
C Primary Flight Display (PFD)* Contains the primary instruments to successfully operate the aircraft.
D Multi-Function Display (MFD)* Contains engine status details and navigation map with your filed flight plan.
E Aircraft Gear Lever Displays current gear position and puts gear up/down.
F Throttle Control Levers Gives power to engines.
G Flaps Control Lever Displays current flap position and changes flap angle.

How are they used?

Primary Flight Display (PFD)

Multi-Function Display (MFD)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tune into an ILS approach?

This process was slightly changed in version 19.4. You now don’t have to be in the HUD view to select the ILS approach. Follow the steps below to tune into an ILS approach:

  1. Spawn in
  2. Navigate to the map and find the airport you are arriving to
  3. Select the airport and go to “RUNWAYS” tab
  4. Select the runway you will land on and press either “SET NAV1” or “SET NAV2”
  5. Navigate to the NAV menu and change the SOURCE to which ever NAV you set the ILS runway on.
  6. You are now successfully tuned into the ILS. The CRS NAV 1 is auto filled in with the runway heading and you will find that the glideslope and localizer is setup in the HUD and the cockpit

Why are the aircraft lights not turning on?

Are you trying to turn on the aircraft lights and they aren’t coming on? Most likely, the issue here is that you don’t have the Master Battery on. To turn on the Master Battery, follow the steps below:

  1. Spawn in A350-900
  2. Navigate to SYSTEMS > ELECTRICAL
  3. Click, “MASTER BATT” so it is turned on (outlined in orange)
  4. Now there is power to your aircraft and you can turn on the lights

Why is my aircraft not following my flight plan when I click NAV?

This is most likely occurring because your autopilot source is not set to GPS. Follow the steps below to set your autopilot source to GPS:

  1. Spawn In
  2. Navigate to NAV menu which is under SYSTEMS
  3. Press and Hold on SOURCE and change it to GPS

Your aircraft should now follow your flight plan.

What is the line shown ahead of my aircraft on the map?

This is a brand new feature introduced in v19.4 called the Altitude Arc. Take a look at the tutorial below for more information on how it’s used and what it means.

Range to Altitude Arc

Why are there two blank screens between the yokes in the cockpit?

Currently, these screens are not modeled in Infinite Flight. There is a possibility that we will see these modeled sometime in the future.

How do I use the NAV Menu Panel?

This is also a brand new feature introduced in v19.4. Take a look at the tutorial below for more information on how it’s used and what each setting means.

Avionics Control Panel Explained

Like always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask below. You can take a look at more cockpit tutorials here: A-10, XCub, A3XX, C172, A359


Thank you so much for making these tutorials. We couldn’t do without them!


Man, this is just best GA aircraft cockpit!


Very helpful and informative post,
Just want to ask a question about the throttles on the TBM, when you throttle up why does the throttle go backwards then forwards when you throttle up?

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Just a guess but likely their take on how the TBM throttle controls layout with the Taxi/feather/reverse options.

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