The “tarmac”

I don’t feel I need to explain a lot more than what’s this image shows:

No part of an airport is referred to as the “tarmac” unless you are a news reporter desperately trying to sound like you know you’re stuff. This is why I feel that the notice that pops up when you try to do some awkward mid-Air refuelling should be revised, and rather than the word “tarmac” being used, the word “apron” should be used instead.

PS: watch the first 15 secs or so of this video to get an idea of what’s i am saying (not my video): What The Media Gets Wrong About Aviation and Air Travel on The News - YouTube

Actually not necessarily! They say tarmac all the time.

Apron - The airport apron is the area of an airport where aircraft are parked

Tarmac - Many people in the general public and news media refer to the apron at airports as “the tarmac” despite the fact that most of these areas are often paved with concrete not tarmac, often referred to as PQ (Pavement Quality) concrete.

It is more of a slangy term that we use in the airline industry


Yes, but it’s an unprofessional term.

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More of slang in the aviation world. It’s just another thing we make fun of the press though.


Erm… Not really worth a vote. The only issue I have with this warning is when you are at an airport with no system defined “tarmac” as it prevents you from changing fuel loads. Otherwise, sorry dude. Hopefully @Maxmustang will finish typing in a sec and give you a good explanation


I agree, it isn’t worth a vote, just a quick, short rewriting of the pop up in the new update.

@Cpt.TC. MaxSez: Put away your poison pen and research your Topic 1st Officer. Tarmac came in with Blario my young friend, I’ve used the term Tarmac since you where a gleam in your Daddies eye.

nountrademark in UK
material used for surfacing roads or other outdoor areas, consisting of crushed rock mixed with tar.
a runway or other area surfaced with tarmac.
noun: the tarmac (Wiki)


There you go. Never disappoints


I understand, but just because something is made of something, you don’t call it that’s material. I agree, it’s slang, but for a professional popup it really has no place.

@Maxmustang has done it again. Contradicting people in such a way that you turn inside out. Pretty sure Mods will close this so… yeah

Ok, well to prevent any confusion, this isn’t really worth a feature request. You’ve been on the forum long enough to understand how they work


MaxSez: Come now it’s not slang plus it’s Trademarked in the UK your home. Give it up. Move on! Your wrong…


Yeah, but I just think it’s such an easy thing to recode, it should be done.

Well that escalated quickly. The sandbox is closed until you can all get along.

There is nothing wrong with someone making a suggestion. If it get zero votes that solves the problem. If you don’t like it, don’t vote for it. Remember that we are all from different parts of the world and have different vocabulary. Cheers.