The tales of the Delta's

Hey there!

The A319, and the A330. They are both so different, but so alike. They are magnificent machines that help us get to out destinations, whether it’s close by, or far away in an unknown land… The moon in the background shines brightly, illuminating the light, yet dark mystical sky.

While I was doing some editing, I found this old picture that was taken a couple of months ago in Live.
This is actually one of my favorites, because the moon really gives it its quality.
The Picture is edited using the Apple editor.

Hope you like it!

Picture details

Route: EGLL --> KCLT (if I remember correctly)
Flight time: About 8-10 hours
Aircraft in use: Delta A330

Thanks for looking, and as always see you in the skies!


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Very beautiful picture there @AlphaSeven 😊👍🏽


Thank you very much!

I have added in a poll everybody!


How do you bring out the moon so well?
Amazing photo btw:)

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It would be perfect without that black thing in the bottom. 👍


Thank you!

Great pictures, and of course a superior airline 😊

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Thank you very much!

Lovely beautiful photo! Awesome!

Delta doesn’t send their A330s or A319s to CLT though.

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Thanks mate!