The Tale of Manifest

1) Background to the photos
On April 7, 2013, Montego Airways Flight 828, A Boeing 737-200, departed Montego Bay International Airport. They arrived in New York City five years later.
2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Casual Server, 2100Z, MKJS-KSWF, B737
3) Photos

Montego Airways Flight 828 is ready for pushback on April 7, 2013. They are outbound to New York City.

After a successful takeoff, we are off to the Big Apple, or so it seems…

This is just an extra picture I captured.

We are over the central Atlantic Ocean when it all goes downhill. Baggage starts falling, people start screaming, and the horror is just starting to unfold…

Upon tuning into KJFK Approach, we discover that we must divert to Stewart Field; something very bad must’ve gone down when we were in the air.

We are able to stick a landing on Runway 9 at Stewart Field (a good personal achievement, as it was probably my best visual approach yet).

After reaching our assigned hangar, we discover the problem…we have gone forward in time five years…what happened? You’ll just have to watch Manifest on NBC to find out ;)

I hope you enjoyed the photos.
Feel free to tell your theories and tell your thoughts on my photos down in the comments.


Nice shots! I love Manifest, so it’s nice to see an Infinite Flight Recreation of this.

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I LOVE manifest! Great re-creation!

A yes, the classic generic livery🔥
Amazing screenshots


This feels like a commercial 😂
Nice photos!

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