The Takeover of American Airlines at CLT // Virtual Spotting VII

The Takeover of American Airlines - Queen City Spotting -
Hello all! Here is my next virtual spotting session for the year. this one takes place in the queen city, Charlotte, NC. Warning! There is an extreme amount of American Eagle and American Airlines aircraft's so please prepare! Make sure to watch the video because there is more aircraft's shown there than in the photos. Also, be sure to stop by one of my previous spotting topics. Anyway, stay safe, wear your mask, and enjoy the photos.

Video: All Day Action // KCLT

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Date: 4/2/21
Server: Expert
Location: Charlotte Douglas International Airport 🇺🇸 ( KCLT )

Appreciate you for viewing!

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No me = No like😡

In all seriousness, That’s a really cool video!


Nice shots!!

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What time did you take these shots? I might or not seen myself in the CRJ-900.

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Really nice shots! :D

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Love the great shots and your effort put in creating that video, that’s me in the Lufthansa flight btw :)

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@Nightt, @Mukundan_Srivatsa, @FireCracker, @Lau_Andy Thank you very much!


@LuminousNate The shots were roughly taken during the hour of 1400Z and during the hour of 2000Z

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@KSS I don’t think I actually see myself. I flew to and from Boston
Oops only saw the pics lol


I flew that route that day but vice versa


Thanks for the spot @KSS 😄. Was a fun flight to GSP

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