The Takeoff Configuration Warning Horn

The Takeoff Configuration Warning Horn
The Takeoff Configuration Warning Horn, or the Takeoff Config Horn, or many other variations, is a very important safety feature of most commercial airliners. When the flight crew advance the thrust levers/throttles for takeoff, if the aircraft is not configured correctly, the system will announce this. In the B737, it is a intermittent repeating horn, accompanied by the takeoff config light image

What does it look for?
These are just a few of the things it looks for…

  1. Flaps - must be in a takeoff position
  2. Speedbrake - must be retracted, not armed
  3. Parking brakes - off
    They are just a few things

How is it used?
Before the first flight of the day, as part of the safety inspection, the crew will advance the thrust levers to make sure the system is truggered, as of course they are not in a takeoff config, so it should be truggered.
Before taxi, the aircraft should be ready for takeoff, so they quickly advance the retard the thrust levers to check the config. If the horn sounds, they must check to see what is wrong. If it remains silent, they can continue. In the time the thrust levers are set to a high power setting, the engines don’t have tome to spoil up.
Then, obviously, if the horn sounds on takeoff role, than something is n’r correct. IRL, the crew will return to the gate, as they have missed numerous opportunities to see the issue, and posdibly not following SOPs safely.

Note: I have based this topic off the B737-800 as this is the aircraft I am most familiar with. However, I think the system - or aircraft specific counterpart - should be modelled on the appropriate aircraft rework/addition accordingly to that type’s system. Maybe a basic version could be applied to all suitabe aircraft?

Why do we need this in IF?
Have you ever taken off without flaps? Yeah, I’m sure you have once. You must have forgotten something once, surely! No? Just me? Ok, lol!
Although it is rare for us to forget something, especially those like me who follow realistic flows and checklists, it is still a very useful tool to know you have. Even if you shouldn’t be utilising it, to replace a checklist, it’s good to know it’s there behind you… or, actually the light would be in front of you, but you know what I mean 🤣
What do you think? Good idea? Why not give it a vote? Let me know what you think!

That’s actually pretty neat, id love to see this at some point in the future:)


i would always need this jk


I think it would neat if this showed up on the screen where the overspeed message shows up so you don’t need to use headphones.


Maybe you could have a setting to have a popup message or not. Personally, I’d prefer not to have popups but I understand your point.

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Great request! Don’t have a vote but definitely needed :)

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I think this is a great idea - I’ve never taken off an airliner on one engine. Nope. Not me.

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Haha, no, not sure I’ve done that either 😂
… yet

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