The tablet gets hot in the second half of a long flight

The problem is a recent one.
When I was on the VHHH-KORD flight last night, my iPad started to get hot in the last hour or so. I tried to turn off Airplane Count and automatically download the livery, which seemed to have a little effect.
I have never had this problem before, and I had the same problem in the last hour or so when I was on a ZSPD-OTHH flight two days ago. The area on the right side of the iPad is the source of the heat.

Hi, this is probably caused by you putting too much work on your IPad. Which Ipad are you on? What settings are you using? Brightness level? Etc.

Also, how warm is it getting? Can you touch and hold it, or is it too warm to hold in the area you are saying the heating is occuring?

The above is my settings, my device is iPad mini5, there is no other app except IF.

The degree of warm is not so high that it can not hold the ipad, but it is also different from the previous feeling, much warmer than before.

Ok. I play on the same device as you but I don’t experience the same heat you are describing. Here is what I do when I do long huals to prevent my device overheating (I only do this when I have reached cruise):

Device settings:
Set screen brightness to lowest
Set volume to off
Bluetooth off
Device plugged in and charging

IF settings:
Interface Timeout: 10 sec (this is optional, doesn’t necessarily save heat)
Hide status bar: On (optional as well)
Enable Automatic Low Power: ON (important)
Airplane count: None
All graphics: Low
Anti-aliasing: Off

Let me know what you have different from this list I use. Also, is your device on a stand/upright or in a well ventilated area?

My settings are roughly the same as yours. Except for the cruising phase before the descent, the temperature of the ipad is normal and hardly hot. But recently I found that the ipad will start to heat up inexplicably at the end of the cruise

Normally my phone is always hot when I play any type of games. May be that I always run every game on high settings, but what I do is if you have a case on it remove it and play next to a cool environment and that should help

What are you doing different at the end of cruise compared to the beginning?

I hardly do anything, like in the flight of VHHH-LORD, I will look at my iPad at about 300nm to the destination, and it will be hot at this time.

Thank you for your advice.

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Infinite Flight is a simulation game. CPU will in hard work to make your experience better, and then, your iPad will get hot. If temperature is not very high, don’t worry, it’s normal. You should be worry about it when it is so hot.
Enjoy Flight!

This seams weird. Next time you do a flight, restart your Ipad beforehand and then follow the exact settings I outlined and then get back to us if it still heated up to the point where you can’t touch it! If it happens again, I would assume there is something wrong in you hardware, as I have the same device

I usually fly IF in an iPhone 7 or iPod 7, sometimes both devices would get reli hot during the flight even amended the settings, I would put my device on an ice bag so to help the gadgets from cooling down lol

I’ll try again as you suggested. Thanks.

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I always find that if my device gets very hot, I put graphics to low, go onto the tail camera of the aircraft and point it at the sky. Then lower your screen brightness and in 10-15 minutes the device cools down. This works for me so it may work for you, it’s worth a try

Most older devices are having a problem rendering the 777-200 er and/or the A350 , that might be causing overuse of the iPad GPU…can’t help it, maybe IF will resolve the issue in future updates

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