The system doesn’t count my landings


Could you help me with my landings?. Cause the system since yesterday show me 98 landings but I have been done more than that and they don’t appear in my account.

I hope you can help me guys.

The landings is a rolling total, so it may just be that you have been landing the same amount of times as you did 91 days ago.

Just to explain it a bit further, if you landed twice on day 1… for 90 days your rolling count will stay at 2.

If, then you land twice on day 89 - it will read 4, however 90 days after your day 1 landings - it will drop back down to 2.

Yeah I Know my friend, but today I made 2 flights. When I landed in a Vancouver I had 98 landings, now when I just arrived Mexico City the counter still in 98 landings it doesn’t change, normally every time that I finish a flight with a good landing when I check my grade that landing appear in system, but not today.

Is it correct? Thank you

This topic could help.

Did you turn off your device before exiting the flight?

I noticed that once server was down during 29/4 my landings during last 90days was significantly reduced from 209 to 199 so i was downgraded from grade 5 to 4. Any chance you spotted similar issues?

No. It was always working

All that means is 91 days prior, you landed 10 times. It’s not an issue. It’s how rolling time periods work.

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I’ve spawned in as a G5 and took a short 30 min flight. When I landed I was G4. As Tim says, it’s a rolling count and the timing is exact, so it’s completely feasible that you could have went down on the 90 day count during a flight.

I too have experienced an issue with landing count. Last night while executing T&G’s in attempt to set my count at exactly 4000, I set out to performed roughly 25 before exiting to check my new number. My count sat at 3999 so I entered back into the app, fired the engine and then took off and landed the exact same way as the 3999 before. I exited and then quickly noticed the count still at 3999. I refreshed the app and checked again after waiting a few minutes. Nothing updated so I jumped back in and took off again. This attempt counted. I can’t remember the last time I landed just once in a day as I usually fly multiple times but I can also see it as a coincidental occurrence.

There are two landing counts that @IF-Y4MXVOI could be referring to. Most people are assuming that Ricardo is referring to the landings in 90 days or the time scaled landings which people have covered why that is above.

There is another landing count which is the total landing count. This one should not go down as it is your lifetime landings. When landing it is important to remember the following:

  • Main gear must land on the runway. Landing on water or taxiways do not count.
  • There is no requirement as far as speed or length of time on the ground.
  • Bouncing multiple times on the runway does not yield multiple landings.
  • Landings that are too quick back to back may not be counted.
  • At the end of the flight, exit the flight by using the “End Flight” button. Do not simply close the app as this may not register a landing.
  • It may take a few minutes after seeing the flight summary page to reflect the flight in your stats. A restart may be needed depending on the device.

Hope this helps.


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