The Switcheroo

Anyway we hope to pass through the mountains of South America from Peru to Colombia in the 788? (It’s pretty unrealistic but who know? It’s a cool aircraft) and with a stopover with Cali we go on a Copa 738 to Bogota in short haul
Flight Route: SPJC-SPCL
Flight Time: 2:14
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Flight Route: SPCL-SKBO
Flight Time: 0:39
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

Taken of from Lima

FL380 Passing the Mountains going north

Descending into Cali

As we go on final to Cali, Colombia

Made a smooth landing with as much passengers on board

As we wait 2 hours for our next plane the 737-800 finally takeoff

Seeing High Sights

Gear Down

After a smooth flight we end it with a TERRIBLE Landing, passengers some injured

Made into the gate

Also should I use more editing or less?

  • Please use less editing
  • Use the same editing

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Just fabulous work out there!!! I love those edits!!! Awesome angles too!!!

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Thanks a lot!

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Looks nice Bob! Keep it up🍍

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Hahah thanks! Mate

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(Each photos might need decreased editing Each day since I actually know my shots are getting a lot infamous by my skills And might go back to a simple way possible)