The Swinging City to the Empire State

This was one of my flights that I did for @AmericanVirtual. This route was a BA 777 codeshare route. I thought I had some pretty nice picture opportunities in this flight, som I’m going to share them with you guys! Hope you enjoy 😉

Server: Expert
Time: 6.54
Route: EGKK to KJFK
Plane + Livery: BA 777-200ER

Taking off from a cloudy and windy London Gatwick
Cruising over the Atlantic

Jump ahead a few hours…

After 6 hours of flying we approach JFK as the last rays of sunset shine over the runways
Landed hard, but safely on 31R. Then continued to park at the wrong terminal @NYFLFlyer22 🤣

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Which was your favorite???

As always feedback is appreciated, as it will help with my editing skills!

Have a nice and safe day 😃


Great photos, good job!

Thanks! Have a nice day

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Nice Shots!

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Thank you sooo much

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The colors in the 3rd picture were amazing!

Thanks you! That’s my favorite one, it took me a good 30 mins to get the right mixtures in 🙃

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It definitely paid off!

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2 is my favorite, always a fan of a good moonshot!

Ha, it’s all good😂

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