The Super Saint Louis Fly-out!

I will take this thank you

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Let’s fill up one of the major Missourian cities!

Except I’d like to use the TWA 737-800

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Signed up! I’ll see you there!

I can no longer attend

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You have been removed

Keep filling this unique city up!

I will take E34 to Los angeles.

Finally back on IF! (For real this time)

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Gate E16 for Long Beach please :)

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@Harrison_S you’re all set! Welcome back!
@CVG_Pilot signed up!

Here I am asking for the second time.

E34 Southwest B737-700 Los Angeles

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Instead of Spirit A320 going to Orlando, can I please have this one 😌

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Dude he will get to when he does

Actually I’ll switch to this, sorry!

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@Finley_Skaggs Sorry I missed ya! You’re signed up!

@Harrison_S @RJPlayZ you guys are switched!

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Hi there! Can I have any route under 1 hour? Thanks!

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Zurich LSZH - Geneva LSGG (25-45 minutes)
Swiss a220
Very scenic
Oh wait I didn’t realize what thread this was 🤣

From St. Louis probably to Kansas city