The Sunrise of Java, WIII - WADY | Trip report

This thread inspired by the previous Trip-report like posts; @Cordale, @Infinite_Ec.

Hi IFC, Today August 3, 2022 travel to Banyuwangi (WADY) by plane. This is very rare and people will prefer to use land vehicles such as trains, buses, or private cars to my destination, but because I like traveling and trying new things, it’s not wrong for me to use planes even though the cost is more expensive than land vehicles.

Server: Expert
Aircraft: CRJ-1000
Airline: Garuda Indonesia (Skyteam livery)
Flight time: Over an hour

Departing WIII at around 07.20am

Right bank above Port of Tanjung Priok

Cruising somewhere above East Java

Descending… Flying above Mount Ijen

Safely Arrived at WADY! - 08.45am


We got a new trend starting 🤣


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Amazing Photos !

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Not sure if this has actually been there before, but this trend is rising again because someone is following😏😏.

@Cordale, very thanks! 😁


Yep! And those are some amazing shots!
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Like the “Trip Report” style!

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Who agree trip report style receive more likes than normal flight photos. Feels like those who like it grow faster

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Great shots! WADY is a really fun airport to fly into, It’s unfortunate that this bird was retired :(

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Yea, very unfortunate due to multiple factors… Really got the feel when they operated these aircraft previously. RIP CRJ GIA