The Sunrise Awakens

No, it’s FL330. ;)

I have added in 2 more photos!


Ah ok was confused cos I saw step climb to FL350

Yup, I edited that out ;D

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OMG! So gorgeous! Couldn’t decide between pic 8 and 9!
Are you back again? You said you were taking a break
(fun fact: now i am. so sad i’m missing IF’s 5th anniversary celebration)

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Thanks mate!

Nope, I’m all on my own in solo…

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Might wanna fix up the GIF, as it includes the bottom replay bar which doesn’t follow the #screenshots-and-videos criteria.


I don’t think I can crop that out…

You don’t have to link this, I’m fully aware of the rules of this category, but I’m not sure if I can edit out the replay bar.

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ohhh yeah duh! of course! thx to IF’s “we-are-combining-the-San Francisco-and-Los Angeles-regions” gift for solos! Great news for us! 🙌 (* high five *)

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If you were aware of the rules of this category, you should’ve known not to include the replay bar at the bottom, which is why I linked it. If you knew you couldn’t crop it out, don’t include it.🤷‍♂️


I vote all! These are stunning. ☺️


It’s a gif mate, it’s not technicaly considered a photo. I’m sure the mods will spare me one photo/gif.

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Wow! Thanks so much Tyler!

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Great pictures as always! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks Julian! Much appreciated :)

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Amazing! Love them (all FYI) Like the greased landing

Not a big deal at all. Appreciate those attempting to keep the categories but this is perfectly fine!

Pro-tip for BC: If you tap and hold down on the screen during a replay it’ll remove the entire interface so it’s clean and free of UI. Holding again brings it back.


Thanks! I’m pretty bad with the A321, but I’m better with the A320/A319.

@Tyler_Shelton thanks mate, I’ll make sure to not include the replay bar next time 😉


No worries - I have changed my new favourite pictures this month. @Tyler_Shelton has helped my trouble shoot my issue :) Thanks 😂

Wow, I really like the 9th one on final
Looks amazing, great job👍

Thanks @Infinite_Qantas!

@Ondrej yeah 😄