The Sunny Fort Myers Flyout

Welcome to Sunny Fort Myers, FL!

Welcome to Fort Myers in Florida. This is a very popular town and vacation destination. As many of you may know this City was his very hard when Hurricane Ian hit Florida. Lets give this Airport the support it needs!

Gate Assignments:

Terminal B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
Gate B01 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Chicago(MDW) @Jay003
Gate B02 Southwest Airlines 737-700 Baltimore
Gate B03 Southwest Airlines 737-700 Orlando @RSWflyer
Gate B04 Southwest Airlines 737-700 St. Louis
Gate B05 Frontier Airlines A320 Philadelphia
Gate B06 Frontier Airlines A321 Philadelphia @Justin_Betances
Gate B07 Frontier Airlines A321 Cincinnati
Gate B08 Sun Country Airlines 737-800 Minneapolis @Aaron_A
Gate B09 Sun Country Airlines 737-800 Gulfport @RagonDragon
Terminal C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
Gate C01 Delta Airlines 737-900 Atlanta @Edward_Fish
Gate C02 United Airlines 737-800 Houston(IAH) @EnthusiasticAviation
Gate C03 Delta Airlines A321 Detroit @Matt_the_pilot24
Gate C04 United Airlines 737-800 Cleveland
Gate C05 Delta Airlines 737-900 Boston
Gate C06 EuroWings Discover(Lufthansa) A330-300 Frankfurt @Stephen_Day
Gate C07 Delta Airlines 737-800 New York(JFK) @LETHAL
Gate C08 United Airlines 737-700 Newark
Gate C09 Delta Airlines 737-900 Minneapolis
Terminal D
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
Gate D01 American Airlines A321 Charlotte @Bay_Area_Aviation
Gate D02 Avelo Airlines 737-800 Wilmington @PhorzaSky
Gate D03 American Airlines A319 Washington(DCA) @Harrison_S
Gate D04 Avelo Airlines 737-800 New Haven @Nicholas_Thiemonge
Gate D05 American Airlines E-175 Austin @NonStopPopFM
Gate D06 Jetblue Airlines A321 Boston @poncho41
Gate D07 Air Canada Rouge A319 Toronto(YYZ) @Ryan_Carney
Gate D08 Jetblue Airlines A321 New York(JFK) @Airplanefan1
Gate D09 Air Canda Rouge A319 Toronto(YYZ) @United403
Gate D10 Jetblue Airlines A320 White Plains @Aviatorank

ATC Assignments:

Frequency Controller
Miami Low Center:
Jacksonville Low Center:

Event Info/Notams:

Airport ICAO: KRSW
Event Time:2023-06-04T18:00:00Z
Please Spawn in 10-15 minutes before Departure.
Please be realistic
Listen to ATC if Present
Spawn in at Assigned Gate
Have Fun!!!


I’ll be first! Taking this one

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It’s my VA as well
This please

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Totally did not know you were going to pick that gate

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Sneaky united noises

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Can I get this one?

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This please

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mine please

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737-800 up to CLE (Cleveland) please

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B05 to Phl

Actually this instead

Nvm, I’ll take this one instead

Is C01 taken yet? If not I’ll happily take it!

you both are signed up

Can I have the Sun Country 737-800 to Minneapolis out of B8 please?

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of course you can

Can you sign me up?

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This one please and thank you!

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This looks like an event I should join! May I reserve a Southwest gate for flight 1051 to Orlando?

Just a suggestion on gate assignments, Avelo, Rouge and Eurowings fly out of concourse B and WestJet flies out of C or B. Here is a map of typical gate assignments at RSW.

Thank you for your help
I only did that to make space for all of the flights
I shall get you one flight to Orlando

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