The sun hates me

Typical Dutch weather here at Eindhoven. I was spotting at the airport the entire afternoon and every time a plane was on final approach the sun would be blocked by clouds and when there were no planes the sun wasn’t blocked. I got sun for a couple photos though

Anyway, let’s start off with this:

9H-WDV flying for Wizzair Malta in the Abu Dhabi livery arriving from Budapest.
Not sure how I feel about the edits, it looks ugly in some areas :////

My first attempt at extreme light recovery, very ugly and bad masking

PH-HXG with the split scimitars from Bologna

I hate trees

HA-LVO about to make a really nice landing on runway 21

Stop making ryanair landing jokes, it’s not funny


I have never seen light quite like this… very weird


I’m gonna give you the same advice I gave @AndrewWu- bring a chainsaw next time.

Good pics though!


I am so sorry lol

Lovely shots🫣

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Some light masking advice (for lightroom):

  • If you’re going to do something like this where it’s a sky shot, you need to select either sky or subject (whichever one gets you closer).

  • The autodetection algorithm likes to put less-heavy masking where it’s not certain what is what, so you will have to use a brush to go over any areas where the mask is not working in full. You can see this by changing your overlay to “white on black” and looking at the areas that are not full black or full white.

  • Shift click to draw straight lines so you don’t get those ridges you see on the leading edges of the wings in your photo.

  • Once you brush the sky or plane to full black or full white (and the other the opposite color), you can duplicate and invert mask. Now you have a clean mask for the plane and the sky, which will stop the weird halos seen all around the aircraft.

  • Most importantly, masking takes time. If you don’t want to put in the time, then just don’t mask at all because sloppy or lazy masks often look worse than no mask.


Thank you so much for the advice. What I originally did was I went into photoshop to make a mask using the pen tool.

I was following a YouTube video while doing that:
EXTREME Light Recovery | Aviation Photography | Photoshop tutorial - YouTube

But unfortunately that didn’t work for me. So what I ended up doing was similar to what you suggested. I went into lightroom, used the sky masking tool, then used the brush to fix any imperfections, but I did that quite sloppily and then duplicated and inverted the mask.

I didn’t know about making my overlay white on black and using shift to draw straight lines. Thank you so much for those tips, I really appreciate it! I’ll try to apply this to some photos I gave up on


I used to use photoshop for that but I found that 1. Straight lines hard bc you’re just placing points and 2. The camera raw engine doesn’t let you play around as much as the Lightroom one


I thought you just posted you first spotting topic, how did you already know this? Obviously a joke

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I’m a quick learner 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻😤😤😤😤😤

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Right… also, I might have saved your “first time” photos for my watch face!

I can say these pics are beautiful

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I attempted edit this photo and now it looks much Better

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