The sun and the moon

I did a flight with Lufthansa A320 and was able to make some stunning shots!

There isn’t much to say about these photos, other than they’re simply beautiful. The second picture really looks more like a painting than a photo.


Beautiful shots!

Wow! How did you get the sky to be so colorful in the first shot?

Ah, I’ll keep that a secret. But you basically need to get a full moon and get the perfect timing.

Backlit ughhhhhh

Nice shots

Beautiful pictures really amazing!!!😀

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That second one is amazing, where is it taken?

Amazing pics!

I was descending over the Alps.

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Second one is just tranquil!

Just. Wow.

The second shot is great!

It’s most likely a little bit of fog inv the back ground added rot make that effect

That was on a flight i did last week

Amazing screenshot!!