The Summer 2020 IFC Refresh: New Rules on Politics

Hi everyone,

Our forum is a wonderful place. Every time you log on you are in an environment where you can talk with users from around the world. There are people on this forum from a huge number of countries, and with that comes many different beliefs, values, and opinions.

What we are all here for, however, is one very specific thing; Infinite Flight. We all have the common goal of wanting to make the simulator the best it can be. This is what brings us all together, and to ensure that Infinite Flight can thrive, we need to make sure our staff and moderators can spend as much time as possible being creative, forward-thinking, and listening to your desires and wishes for the simulator.

You can find the general rules of engagement in our FAQs.

The Distraction of Politics

What keeps this forum ticking over is the Infinite Flight App and the community that revel in discussing it. This is an Infinite Flight forum, not a political forum.

Despite this, we’ve noticed a consistent trend that our moderators are spending increased time dealing with non-Infinite Flight related queries and concerns, and these are almost entirely issues related to politics. We have also found that profile photos with guns and knives have been making their way to the IFC, creating flare-ups and polarizing forum members. Dealing with these issues means we are having less time to work on the features and community engagement that helps makes this forum, and the Infinite Flight app, thrive.

We’re happy to hold our hands up here, however. In the past, we have addressed these concerns in a seemingly random fashion. This was because we largely only intervened when issues flared up. We could have been more proactive in making sure the IFC addressed these concerns at the root cause. We could have clarified these coming rules sooner, and we could have put more thought into the explanations behind the decisions made about previous rules.

There is never a perfect time for a change like this. Elections and political turmoil are always happening in some form around the world (we have a global community). For some, this news won’t mean much. For a very small number, it will be a dealbreaker, and we understand.

Politics and Weapons in IFC Profiles and Profile Media

As we want to continue to bring the best version of Infinite Flight to all of you and to do that we all have play our role in sticking to our main purpose of the IFC; discussing the Infinite Flight Simulator.

To help refocus the IFC, the following rules on politics and profiles will be introduced:

1. No party political slogans, photos, or other media or text in any profile

2. No party political figures in profile media, including, but not limited to, real-life photos, drawings, or illustrations

3. No party-political motivated statements designed to target, insult, harass, or discriminate against any group, person, or persuasion, in threads, profiles, or in non-consensual direct messages

4. No guns, knives, or machetes in profile media

5. No Confederate flags in forum profile media

We understand that for some users a rule on no weapons may be considered as a personal affront. We assure you this is not the case; the same rule applies to all. The role of weapons across the world is diverse and the message they represent can also be inconsistent, and we have to take all of these into consideration.

Please be aware that civil rights issues (such as BLM) are not considered party political in nature on this forum. Whilst they may be politicised, these new rules do not cover them, and support for/against them will continue to permitted as long as they adhere to the general rules of the forum. If issues related to civil rights discussions are brought up, they will be dealt with in accordance with our suspension table.

For all the other rules and guideline for participating on this forum, please see our #meta:forum-guide category.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What about free speech?

Freedom of speech, as defined under the first amendment of the United States of America, protects people from government censorship. The Infinite Flight forum is a forum operated by a private company, and you sign up to it by agreeing to the terms of service. This permits staff to have the ability to set the parameters of what is acceptable or not in a discussion, on profiles, and in other spaces on the IFC.

Q: I feel these rules are attacking my identity. Why can’t I be who I am?

Politics can be a passion for people, and this can be deeply polarizing in groups of individuals. While users may identify strongly as political experts, and while it may be a big part of your life, we ask that you keep them off of the Infinite Flight forum. As previously mentioned, this site exists to discuss and enjoy Infinite Flight with others. Other chat mediums or political forums are recommended for users who would like to discuss their views together.

Q: Does this mean I can say whatever I want in DMs?

While you are free to discuss party politics in consensual DMs, the forum rules, privacy policy, and terms of service still apply. The use of strong language and other things that trigger automatic flags will still be in place to keep our community safe. Sometimes, discussing politics leads to bullying, or at the very least, offending someone for what they believe. We recommend using extreme discretion and urge you to take these types of conversations elsewhere.

For a reminder for who can read DMs, and when and why they are read, see here.

Q: I feel that a ban on weapons in profile media is attacking my second amendment rights. Why can you do this?

The second amendment on the United States Constitution details the right to bear arms. This is an Infinite Flight forum, and a ban on weapons in profile media is far removed from the reality of owning and using weapons in your personal life. This new rule does not infringe upon your right to own or use a weapon in your personal life, and thus the second amendment does not extend to profile photos on a flight simulator based forum.

Q: Where can I leave feedback about this new rule?

We welcome feedback on all rules on this forum. Please feel free to message @moderators with your questions and comments. Please consider that this rule is enforced evenly across the board and cannot target specific opinions, political persuasions, or identities unfairly due to this. The same rule applies to all users at all times.

Q: Why has the Confederate flag been highlighted?

The meaning of things changes over time, and we have to consider the current meaning and situation of the flag. Whilst a select few may see it as a historic statement, many across the world see it as a symbol of hate and white supremacy. This does not mean the use of the flag is automatically racist, nor is the person using it, however within the context of this Infinite Flight forum, the perceived and widespread global symbol of the flag is something that does not align with the ideals of Infinite Flight.


Party Political

Party political is defined as the act of speaking, engaging, or promoting any content relating to political parties. This can be slogans for elections, pictures of political leaders within a party, or a general declaration of support for a particular political party.

Non-Consensual Direct Messages

These are messages in which a user has either explicitly stated they do not wish to discuss something over DM, or they have asked to not continue the current discussion within a DM.

Civil Rights

Civil rights are the desire for just and fair relations to make society function better for all people and groups.


7 Day Notice

This topic serves as a 7 day notice for those who’s profile media is in violation of these new rules.

  • You must change any profile media or text that violates these rules within 7 days of this post

  • You may not change your profile to something that violates these rules within this time

  • After the 7 day period, moderators and staff will change these accounts still in violation and an official warning will be given. Any further issues will then be dealt with as per the suspension table