The Summer 2020 IFC Refresh: New Ground School Category and Sub-Category

Hi everyone,

As we continue our Summer 2020 IFC Refresh and make changes and improvements in order to provide the community with a refreshed forum experience, our next change is to the Tutorials category. Yesterday, we started by introducing a small change. This allowed TL2 users to post community tutorials and turned on new post approvals to help sure quality.

With our new User Guide now starting to take shape, we have decided to reorganize this category further so that it complements our new resources. We are doing this by creating a brand new category called #ground-school and renaming the current old Tutorials category to #ground-school:community-tutorials. This will now be a sub-category of #ground-school.

You can find the category here.

What Does Ground School Contain?

This new category contains the following:

  • All Official Tutorials (both for Pilots and ATC)
  • Any future projects that are for educational purposes
  • Any updates made to the User Guide

You can find the User Guide below:

Community Tutorials Sub-Category

This new sub-category contains the following:

  • All Community Tutorials

These community tutorials will now be monitored so that there is no overlap between them and the User Guide. For the new rules of this sub-category, see below:

The Reasons For These Changes

  • We need a place on the forum to highlight when new content is added to the User Guide and to compliment future educational projects

  • Community lead tutorials are an essential part of the IFC that we did not want to lose. The new sub-category is a dedicated space for this and improves the user experience

  • It enables us to lower the requirement to post a community tutorial from TL3 to TL2

  • The changes also mean that community members can focus solely on new content not yet covered by the User Guide/Official Tutorials, or a more in-depth look at something already covered

  • It allows us to ensure the User Guide is the core focus for Infinite Flight learning

  • Finally, having a sub-category that is community lead will also allow us to steer official content in the direction the community wants to see (i.e. by seeing what the most liked/shared/common content made by members is, we can use this guidance when making future content)


Very nice improvement! :)


This is gonna be great for new pilots!

Awesome! 👏

Great! Gotta say I am loving the category colours, they make the forum look fresh.

Cign :)

I’m loving these changes, well done!

Wooow! Sounds very good! Well done!


Thanks Misha

Awesome! Nice work guys!

I saw something called #ground-school around an hour ago and I was really confused. Now I know!
Btw great changes Misha!

Hi I just have a question, so I’m TL2 and when going to make a tutorial topic, how come there is only the ground school-tutorial? Can we not post in the general Tutorial category??

TL2 Users may only post in #ground-school:community-tutorials, not #ground-school. The latter is reserved for official tutorials. Much like the old #tutorials category was TL3s and the Flight and ATC sub-categories were staff only.


I like this change! Thanks Misha!

I’m still confused with the difference between ground school and community tutorials. If I create a tutorial, how do I know if I put it in ground school and/or community tutorials?

Read the about information, it will answer all of your questions.

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Very nice!

I like this new update. Thank you Misha!

Now this looks great, well done to all of y’all! Great to see so many things getting revamped here!

Awesome update and improvment