The Summer 2020 IFC Refresh: New Forum Guide Sub-Category

Hi everyone,

We’re well into our plans for the planned IFC refresh this summer. So far we have changed our TL3 system, allowed new threads to return, added new moderators, and recently added a new category to help you learn how to use Infinite Flight even more easily.

Our next step is to be able to make sure the rules and regulations of this forum are as clear and as open as possible. To do this, we have introduced a new sub-category. This is #meta:forum-guide and it will host the following:

1) Official rules made and enforced by staff and moderators

2) Guidelines to help with profiles, profile media, and setting up your IFC account

3) Guides to help you navigate and use the tools on this forum

4) Rule changes, changes to the forum tools, or any other relevant IFC information

Reasons for Changing

We understand that there are a number of complex rules and requirements for participating on this forum. This is to ensure that engagement can be as effective and productive as possible, and it helps to keep out spam and unwanted topics and comments.

To ensure that these rules are as open and as accountable as possible, this new category has been made. It ensures that:

1) Rules can be found more easily

2) Rules created can be seen more clearly by users

3) Rules can be linked to more clearly for new users

Further Steps

Our next steps will be to consolidate topics where possible. This reduces the number of locations where rules can be, so users can find these rules even more easily. We will also be bringing a new selection of topics to ensure users stay safe on the Infinite Flight Forum and App.


Awesome work guys, This looks awesome! Misha, your the best!

Awesome stuff!!!

Awesome work… thanks!

Great to see the moderators and staff listening to us and making changes to the forums 👍

Nice work, folks! Thanks so much for making things easier to find and making things look cleaner! It’ll be a great change for new users and current users alike!

Thank you Misha.

Amazing Work! Thank you!

Well done to the entire moderation and staff team! Thanks for listening and changing the IFC for the better!

Wow we are getting a brand new forum with all the changes. Hopefully all these changes improve things, wonder what will be next :D

Cign :)

Liking that everything will now be much more organized. Nice work, Misha and the rest of the team.

That is so cool! I think that is good for new users :)

Great job everyone!

Thanks, Misha! Can’t wait to see the changes in action (besides this topic, of course)!

awesome Misha as always

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Awesome man

Love the new 50 shades of gray in categories


No. #meta:forum-guide is only for posts made by moderators and staff.

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oh alright whoops