The Summer 2020 IFC Refresh - A New TL3 System

The Summer 2020 IFC Refresh

Hi everyone,

This forum is the number one place where we all engage and discuss Infinite Flight. As we have grown, new rules and features have found their way into daily engagement. Without these, the IFC would not be as we know it, and the quality of engagement would be substantially poorer. By adhering to the rules on here, we all make sure that the IFC remains open and accessible to all users.

Due to the organic growth of Infinite Flight, the IFC, COVID19, and now the summer holidays for many, the IFC has grown at a rate we have never seen. Forum activity has doubled in almost all areas over the last few months. Whilst we welcome this engagement, we need to scale up our response to this. This helps ensure the future of the IFC is one where it remains a hub of freely accessible engagement.

This summer, we will be having a deep clean of the IFC. We will be addressing the core structures of this forum, the rules and regulations of it, our moderation strategy, and much more. This will be an ongoing process and involves many steps, big and small. These will directly address any issues we are aware of whilst promoting the positive aspects already present on this forum. These changes are informed substantially by feedback from all our IFC users.

Manual Promotion to TL3

Our first point of action is to address how our most active and regular members are given the reward of becoming TL3. Our regulars help the forum tick over day in day out. They do an amazing job, and we are thankful to have them all to help us out.

Currently, we have an auto-promotion to TL3. This can be reached by simply being active for a prolonged period of time. Whilst this works in some cases, overall activity is a slim metric in what we look for in our regular members. A few other components of what makes a good TL3 member include the following:

  • Diverse engagement in many topics and categories
  • A welcoming tone of voice at all times
  • A level of maturity that can be relied upon by the moderators
  • Actively helping new members out behind the scenes

These metrics are not covered by an automatic system. For this reason, we have removed the automatic promotion to TL3 for all users. The moderation team will now promote users manually. This has the following advantage for all users:

  • The ability to be promoted to TL3 quicker if suitable
  • The chance to show moderators your suitability for TL3 in more ways than the number of comments and topics overall
  • The potential to have a higher chance of staying TL3 once promoted due to being hand-picked by a moderator

We look forward to the exciting changes that will be coming to this forum in the coming months. They will be based largely on your feedback, and we are certain they will help boost the excitement in engaging here on the IFC.


Nice now I am hoping to get TL3 Quicker lol Well done IFC!


Thanks misha!


I’m glad to see you staff listening to us great job and looking forward to what changes we see in the future of IFC.

Happy Flying :)


Thank you so much Misha!


Looking foward to changes like this! Thanks Misha and the IF Team!

Thank you for the info Misha!

Nice! Always good to have a cleanout Misha! :)

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Thanks Misha for the New changes hopefully I’ll be a TL3 soon!

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Glad to see these changes being made. Great job mods! 😊

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That’s a nice change, I am looking forward to this and thank you for the work! I used to think that TL3 users are promoted manually ever since I joined.


Wow! Great job staff and mod team!!

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This explains why I was manually demoted to LT2 as well. Okay, I like this but at the same time I don’t like it… haha. Thanks Misha


Don’t you hate it when you ask for “revolution” and the mods actually agree with you, and set forth a plan to implement sweeping reforms rather than quashing it?

Anyways thanks to the moderators for bringing these changes to the TL3 system! It is very impressive how you guys have taken feedback and converted it into action in such a short period.


Well this has been the best news of 2020 besides 20.1 mainly being we wont see people farming for likes, or just there to be there, regulars will now be extremely helpful and amazing people like all of them are now, positive changes, or way from here is soaring higher, sky is our limits well FL430 is but still you are get the point, thanks for the awesome 2020 news cant wait for more:)


Well done on the changes!

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Great news! Hopefully one day I’ll be TL3

vereh nais

Thank you so much the Moderation Team!

I believe this really will help the community, and get to those who do truly deserve it, whether at an early or late stage in the forum, and to those who… well I feel rude saying don’t, but for those who aren’t believed to be capable with the responsibility.

It’s great to see that you listen to the community, which really does make us stand not only as an aircraft in a game, but the people we are in the community, and the friendships we build inside of it. 😄