The sudden disappearance of VGHS...

Hi, does anybody know why Dhaka’s Shahjalal International Airport (VGHS or DAC) has disappeared?

The scottish airport wizard - @Kilt_McHaggis may be able to answer this!


It’s being reworked right now, I think.


VGHS has been completed 22 days ago

It was redone and renamed. It missed the latest update by 1 day! Hopefully now that Val has a new method for updating airports we will see it next month!


Ok glad to know. I contact Dush when the Indian Subcontinent was open with ATC. Was surprised I couldnt find it not even under the old ICAO. Still should have had the old X plane file though… unless that gets taken out of the register if it is under remodelling.

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The old airport was taken out of the library shortly before the new one was released. As mentioned before the airport missed the upload cycle by ONE day! We are hoping that airport releases will happen monthly going forward.



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