The stuttering continues

after the fix that fixes freezing on some devices, the freezing may have been fixed but inconstant half-second stutters still appear on live mode, I know my Iphone is relatively out of date (5s) but Listen, I have the latest OS and settings do not make a difference, I’m wondering if anyone else is getting this or if its just me because it is really annoying to look at, Also another thing this only happens on live mode for some reason, I have not seen it happen on singleplayer


I’m experiencing the same problem on my tablet. The update fixed the crashing but I still get the freezing. I have all my settings on low. Anti aliasing off and limit frame rate off.

Lenovo Tab A8-50F
Android firmware: 5.1.1
1 gb of ram


The freezing hasn’t stopped. I don’t mind too much as it’s not like you lose your porgies on your flight but yeah it hasn’t stopped. I keep everything on full as I doubt it will improve things massively lowering them.


I also clear my ram and shutdown before ever flight and it makes no diffrence

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Me Too. I’m on a Invidia Sheild K1 with 2GB Ram and I was getting some bad stuttering. Still had an awesome flight though. : )


True, its not gamebreaking but its still annoying

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Ok I just found out that the freezing was not fixed either, it still freezes

oh when i use the free cam that’s when you can actually notice it

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At this very moment, I’m locked out of the game. I paused the game and thereafter the interface just disappeared.


Definitly not fixed, froze up badly 5 seconds before touchdown just now, I was still able to land but not as well as I would’ve hoped

I have an Ipad Pro 10.5 inch, and I experience the exact same problem… on short final about 200ft agl without fail.

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Lag is expected when there are many aircraft around you. Also a 5S is really under powered (4 year old device). Unfortunately we can’t continue add new feature and improve our quality without leaving some devices behind.

Please be patient while we continue making the experience better. We are hard at work focusing on stability and performance.

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Does it also happen in Solo?

I have not tried yet, I can give it a go if you like?

I use a OnePlus 3t, have no running apps in background and it stutters like crazy below 500ft agl, with everything set at low.

Im usinng. Blackberry Dtek 50 and not completed a take off until now its lagging like hell taxing is barely impossible

Lag is expected on older and low to mid end device, you can’t just simply ask to make them dissapear when it was your hardware (both GPU and Processor) can’t keep up to make decent fps.

Usually solo is not the problem, I don’t think its the 5s because it usually is smooth except for the stutters and I have really only ecnounterd it in live mode, that being said I havn’t played much solo, Also I have tries changing my settings from high to low and it makes zero difference so I don’t think its a problem with my phone not being able to handle it.

I had the same issue when landing in AMS this morning.
I have an iPhone 6s, iOS 10.0.3.
After that, everything worked fine.

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It’s your device. You can’t really do anything to fix it