The Stunning beautiful Male Maldives fly-in and Fly-out

Hello all pilots of IFC we have an exciting 7 day event here happening.

This will take place in Male, Maldives from May 16 - May 22.

Here are the gate assignments.

Gate assignment Medium planes
Gate Aircraft Dest. Username
Gate 1 Airbus A320 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi
Gate 2 Airbus A320 Indigo Cochin
Gate 3 Airbus A320 Vistara Mumbai
Gate 4 Boeing 737-800 Fly Dubai Dubai
Gate 5 Airbus A321 indigo Bengaluru @Neep
Gate assignment Large planes
Gate Aircraft Dest Username
Gate 6 Airbus A330 china eastern Shanghai
Gate 7 Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner Etihad airways Abu Dhabi
Gate 8 Boeing 777-200LR Emirates Airways Dubai @Victor_M_Tamez
Gate 9 Airbus A350 Qatar Airlines Doha
Gate 10 Airbus A350 Singapore airlines Singapore

see you in Maldives

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There is no plane going from Maldives to Tokyo maybe you can switch it out for Singapore and Emirates doesn’t use the B77L for the Male route

They do for returning flights to male

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I would come but there is this dumb thing called school, sorry.

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The problem with the event is that it is too long. 3 whole days! Plus if you want a lot of people make it 5 hours long.

Not much notice either

I will be there!

aeroflot also flies their 777 and a350s, maybe you could add them so there would be more choice

I might do Maldives to Dubai but, not both.

You have been assigned on large plane for long haul or you want short haul

can i do the flight for gate 5 thanks.

Sure you are in