The stuff you do for IF

Pay those big bucks

Oooh wow 👀

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Almost burnt myself leaving my phone in my pocket doing a longhaul for the day


Ok that’s the leading response so far

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But why is this so true😂

Nothing much either, just wait for reworks to be released and just fly airplanes, just scare people on casual server by flying the F-22 so fast and just flying really low to the ground to make sure people hear it.

What i do for IF is I fly for 5 virtual airlines. I make events based on the ATC Schedule! And I also make Videos on my YouTube channel about IF. :D

my own is not that much . but some things i’ve done is waking up early in the morning for flying event , staying up all night for a flight , rejected my friend who ask me out due to my flight and the worst part is coming late to a family dinner because of the flight lol

Paying 79.99 for a year of IF.

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My biggest effort at IF was landing while driving to work in heavy traffic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
This could have ended badly, but I managed to successfully land and make it to work safely. Do not do it. If you’re going to drive, don’t take IF with you.


This is the Leading comment now @Olegend049

I’m Playing IF since 2013, I probably spend about 500$ on this game over the years. Not saying it wasn’t worth it but still thats about as much as I have payed for all other games iv’e played over the same time.
Can we get a stamp card. After buying 10 monthly Subscribtion over the years you’ll get a month or two for free :D

Same but it’s my dad money😭

I mainly add bugs to keep our beta team busy


I give them my cash

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I help run a VA and provide a fun safe space for pilots of all ages and experiences to get together and enjoy all aspects of flying and controlling.

The pro sub fee is a small price to pay for keeping me occupied, challenged and out of mischief 😁

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