The Struggles of Finding a VA

As staff and pilot for many VA’s I have become very experienced and active in the community. This led me to start my own VA. Everything was perfect and my staff excited. About a month before approval we had to abandon the VA due to busy lives and struggles with schooling. It has been almost two months and we have gotten back together to look at our options for a new VA and let me tell you there are none. Almost every airline is taken or in the process of being taken. And when we finally decide on one we are told that we are to late and someone has beat us to it. So the struggle continues to find our perfect airline that we are passionate about enough to start a VA. Wish us luck and let me hear your thoughts/advice.

You could try making an original VA/VO. Plane and Pilot and IFAE are original ideas and they’re some of the most popular VOs out there. All you need is a plan and a purpose. Good luck ;)

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