The Struggles of ATC

After doing nearly 2 hours of approach and departure work at Sydney’s Sir Charles Kingsford Smith International airport, I can now empathise with all ATC controllers.

Even though I have done some pattern work before, I haven’t done it at the same rate, intensity and frustration than previously.

Amid the chaos there were a handful who obeyed my instructions. And I appreciate that. However a vast majority of pilots were not obeying instructions, refusing to tune into the frequency and do as they please. I understand this was a playground server but the server is intended for pilots to practice server regulations which include abiding with air traffic control.

To every single and solitary air traffic controller on playground and advanced, especially the advanced server, I have full and complete understanding and empathy with the chaos you must control. Keep up the fantastic work you do for all of us 24/7, 365/366 days a year.

Of course, we will forever be in you debt for your time, patience, understanding, professionalism and empathy as you, like us, are human beings.

To all ATC, a very, very much understated but sincere, thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Andre Mitson (Sexy Pepsi)


I feel your pain I was ATC at YSSY about an hour or so ago as well, to many aircraft not obeying instructions

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I’m not quite sure what the advanced problem is, because if they don’t obey your instructions, they don’t belong in that server and you can get rid of them👻


I’m a novice ATC controller. I’d agree with you about pilots on PG. In my experience most pilots on PG do follow instructions. However, the minority who don’t ruin the whole experience for everyone else.

A typical example would be multiple planes on approach, with queuing planes waiting to take off, and some nimrod decides to land at the wrong end of the runway. Despite instructions to enter a sequence for the correct runway, they’ll request multiple times for a runway change. And ignore me when I ask them to follow instructions and land anyway.

I would encourage pilots on PG who witness this to report them. It only takes 3 people to do this and it will ghost them.


First of all, I like that name sexypepsi,kind of unique and secondly buddy I hope to see you on the advance team,that’s where you belong actually.wish you all the best and see you soon on advance.👋


It would be much easier if other players would notice a misbehaving aircraft and use the report key! When I was a playground controller and someone was ignoring instructions and I had sent a few “follow instructions,” I would ignore them, as simple as that. The main reason they are entering your airport is to use your ATC service, without that they will get bored


bill28066, your post means the world to me. Thank YOU!


@bill28066 nailed it. Your attitude showsmaturity and humility, which is a heavyweight component for IFATC`s. When the time comes, i´m looking forward to having you on board.


Is this why people disappear when im controlling some weird person who decided to land with steep descend from 10000ft once established with the localiser despite my attempts at telling them to go around, descend to pattern altitude and in the first place not cleared them for landing.

Now i actually appreciate what other pilots have done when im cannot be in control.

On the other hand, its sad when i see people with 100k over of xp yet still doing whatever they want. Then again is PG so it cant be helped. I still like doing atc nonetheless.

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Thank you. Your messages not only inspire me become an advanced controller but assure me that Infinite Flight is more than a simulator: it’s a community of people who interact with each other, inspire, motivate, discuss and help in the time of uncertainty.


Patience is a virtue my friend. All the best.