The Struggle to Land @ FE7 | XCub | CYBW-FE7

Hello everybody! I attended an event hosted by @Butter_Boi and @Kamryn!
Overall, it was a fun event! Here’s screenshots!


Time: 1h
Aircraft: XCub
Server: Casual
Route: CYBW (Springbank Airport) - FE7 (Kananaskis Village Heliport)

At the tie-down as @Kamryn does what ItsBlitz does

Waiting for takeoff as the XCubs smile.

@Marcel001 following me

The beautiful scenery as we approach FE7

Turning for final at the 148 feet “runway” as people touch and go

As other people land and spawn at the airport, I go around after a failed attempt to land

Almost landed, but then crashed.

Shortly after the event ended, chaos ensued.

Thanks for the great event! 😃


Thanks for coming, great photos! The event was a blast!

I think most of us landed… With a struggle, of course. 😂


holy cow what an airport