The strongest winds you have experienced in flight in the simulator

I want to know, how much winds have you experienced in flight!
Mine are 140 knots, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, entering Canada.
Route was: LEMD-KJFK


I think it was around 200, jetstream.

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211 knot tailwind just east of Japan.

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210 Knots at Ocean Atlantic

Trying to land at TNCM during a hurricane, with 110 kts headwind.
I landed, but my landing gear didn’t survive. Just before touchdown I noticed a C208 being blown into the ocean. Wasn’t pretty…


Lol oh my that is just to funny for me oh wow.

Lol that’s amazing!

Speaking of strong winds, I was landing a flight from Denver to Boston on Saturday and the live weather feature stopped working mid flight. Of course this was when the winds were at 104kts. I continued my approach and landed the plane in those conditions! Now this definitely was not my best landing but it was somehow better than my landing yesterday at Atlanta when the winds were only a 30kts crosswind. This week has not been my strongest.

Landing in Boston:


My strongest were 192 and that was a rear facing crosswind, I got to my destination quicker than expected (this was over the Atlantic)

258 kt crosswind from the west, heading east, in a JetBlue A320 over the atlantic ocean, flying KDCA-TJSJ.

197kt tailwind over the Tasman Sea (eastbound) - had a groundspeed of 721kts 😂😂😂

Edit: Aircraft was the LATAM 787-9

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238 knot tailwinds in 2017


Fly east above Beijing, got 190kts+ crosswind, really throwing me off my FPL. I was near declaring a emergency descent but decided against and kept flying to Tokyo where the winds at lower altitude was still around 140-160kts making the landing a real challenge.

A 167 knot headwind over Nevada (Rip me)

over dubai at 1200am 140Kt+ and over japan after takeoff and inbound for lax 200kt +

I experienced a 148 knot headwind 30 miles east of EGLL at FL340. I used more fuel than I would’ve liked.

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Got 196+ kts headwind flying EGLL-KSJC

Luckily I packed extra fuel otherwise I wouldn’t have made it to San Jose

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238 kts is on the table by Kate ladies and gentlemen.
Do I hear 240? 250? Anyone offers 260? 300 perhaps?


LOL! That’s fine mate!

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I managed to get 107kn flying south east over Iran from London to Perth. My grounds speed was 600kn plus!