The Striking Gibraltar Flyout

Welcome to Gibraltar

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Welcome to Gibraltar. This Is a very interesting place because it is connected to Spain but is U.K. territory. The most famous things about Gibraltar is the big rock and of course it’s airport. This airport is special because the runaway is also a road. When airplanes are not taking off and landing the runway is being crossed by people and cars connecting the two sides of the city. When airplanes are taking off and landing the gates close so nobody goes across the runway. Another thing that is interesting about this airport is that there are strong winds and if you overrun you are going into the water.

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Terminal (FULL)

1|British Airways|London Heathrow|A321| @AmericanB772
2|Easyjet|Bristol|A320| @YT_Sniegutizzz
3|British Airways|London City|E-190| @Ben_Walsh
4|EasyJet|Manchester|A320| @DJW
5|EasyJet|London(LGW)|A320| @PilotA320N

SRAF Gibraltor Apron

1|RAF|Fairford EGVA|C130-J| @JMacMcd
2|RAF|Brize Norton EGVN|C130-J|

GA Apron

1|Private 3|Teterboro|Citation X| @Flyin.Hawaiian
2|Private 9|Islip|Citation X|
3|Private 9|Ponta Delgada|CL35| @anon36731834
4|Private 7|Abu Dhabi|CL35| @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek
5|Private 1|Dubai|CL35| @anon38552190
6|Private Tulip|Barcelona|E175| @Butter575
7|Private Tulip|Porto|E175| @RagonDragon
8|Maroon|Lisbon|TBM930| @Artemiypilot
9|Navy Blue|Nice|TBM930|
10|Sea Blue|Toulouse|TBM930|

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Gibraltar Tower: @Ryan_15
Approach: @Powerito9
Madrid Center:
**Casablanca Center: **
Lisboa Center:
Alger - FIR Center:
Oakland Oceanic Center:

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  • We are not responsible for any violations
  • Please be realistic
  • Listen to ATC
  • Spawn in 15 minutes early
  • Have Fun!

Please and thank you

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stealing this and soon I will hopefully switch this to a CL35

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May i pls switch this to become the CL35, cause the X is gonna be long gone by the 9th sadly


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Can I take this in a CL35 and to Abu Dhabi Al Bateen Executive Airport?

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Mind if I can lay claim to this one? But a small route change to Ponta Delgada? (PDL)

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That looks a difficult landing with the short runway

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EasyJet to london Gatwick

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