The story of the Boeing 10 (Happy Halloween)

Once in 1971 there was a private 747-100 purchased off Boeing and was delivered to KJFK. 9 years later, the owner of the 747 sold the plane, thinking it would have a nice future.
But the 747 was purchased by the airport JFK to auction it. But nobody wanted to buy it since the 747-200, 747-300 and 747SP were already on the market so they sew off the tail, wings and nose. The engines 3 and 4, the nose and the original tail were scrapped while a scrap dc-10 tail was built on. This is why the avgeeks called them Boeing 10. After years it became green due to weather and it was already out on fire so much that it would be too thin to be a fire testing plane anymore so the airport scrapped it. But since 2014 the plane came back from the scrapyard and every year on Halloween the Boeing 10, with the registration N751KA, the 747 lands on the runway without being on the radar. Happy Halloween!🎃👻


Server: Solo
Airport: KJFK
Time: 1500Z


Spoopy 😱😱😱

awesome idea! Really liked the story!




short, but fine