The story of Super 61 and the rescue

Picture this,
You’re a US Army special forces member. Attached to the most elite special forces group, the US Army 75th Ranger regiment.
You load up into the US Army’s HH60 Blackhawk Helicopter, callsign Super 61. Commanded by CW3 Cliff “Elvis” Wolcott and CW3 Donovan “Bull” Briley. You arrive on scene it’s 1600 local in Somalia, the Battle of Mogadishu is underway.
At 1620L you’re HH60 is shot down by an RPG. As the result pilots were killed in the resulting crash and two of the crew chiefs were severely wounded. Staff Sergeant Daniel Busch and Sergeant Jim Smith, both Delta snipers, survived the crash and began defending the site waiting for help. As the crowd of people advance towards your down Blackhawk, An MH-6, Star 41, piloted by CW3 Karl Maier and CW5 Keith Jones, landed nearby. Jones left the helicopter and carried Busch to the safety of the helicopter, while Maier provided cover fire from the cockpit repeatedly denying orders to lift off while his co-pilot was not in the Bird.
Sgt Busch will later die due to wounds. A Combat SAR lead by team, led by Delta Captain Bill J. Coultrup and Air Force Master Sergeant Scott C. Fales, were able to fast rope down to the Super 61 crash site despite an RPG hit that crippled their helicopter, Super 68 piloted by CW3 Dan Jollota. Despite the damage, Super 68 did make it back to base. The CSAR team found both the pilots dead and two wounded inside the crashed helicopter. Under intense fire, the team moved the wounded men to a nearby collection point, where they built a makeshift shelter using kevlar armor plates salvaged from Super 61s wreckage.
Due to confusion the ground team waited 20 minutes to receive their orders to move out. Both units were under the mistaken impression that they were to be first contacted by the other.

During the wait, at 1640L a second Black Hawk helicopter, callsign Super 64 and piloted by CW3 Michael Durant, was shot down by an RPG. Most of the assault team went to the first crash site for a rescue operation. Upon reaching the site, about 90 Rangers and Delta Force operators found themselves under heavy fire. Despite air support, the assault team was effectively trapped for the night. With a growing number of wounded needing shelter, they occupied several nearby houses and confined the occupants for the battle’s duration. By 0600 October 4th the battle was over, U.S. forces were finally evacuated to the U.N. base by the armored convoy. While leaving the crash site, a group of Rangers and Delta operators led by SSG John R. Dycus realized that there was no room left in the vehicles for them and were forced to depart the city on foot to a rendezvous point on National Street. This has been commonly referred to as the "Mogadishu Mile”
In total 19 Americans were killed. Two Medal of honors were issued to MSG Gary Gordon, SFC Randy Shughart both awarded America’s highest medal.

The movie Blackhawk Down is based off of these events. We remember them.


Wow great story thanks for sharing!


Thanks! Today is Blackhawk down day so I wanted share their stories!


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