The Story Of Captain Fred

Hello and Welcome to a different kind of S&V topic, today I will be covering the story of our beloved captain....Captain Fred!!!!!

If you don’t know who captain Fred is , he is the handsome young man behind the controls of every flight in IF skies today, he is type rated on the B777, B757, B737 , A320 , A350. Not every one can achieve what Cpt. Fred has achieved in his aviation career, So sit back relax and join me in this wonderful journey , “The Rise Of Fred”…if you have a better title send me a pm.

It all started back in 1989, when a little boy named Fred was introduced to a plane , thats when he knew that he wants to be a pilot , and not any pilot, A pilot that the world speaks of , a revolution to the aviation industry…

So one day he finally decided that he wants to join a flying school , and what other than the "IF flying academy " in…wherever you want it to be based at to be honest , I have no idea. One of the best academies in the world.

So he started his training with his amazing flying instructor Laura :); this is the first practical lesson Fred had on a C172

Laura was amazed with how good Fred’s flying skills is , so she decide that he is ready for his Solo; before you know it Fred is all alone in the cockpit doing patterns

and after a lot of hard work and commitment Fred finally got his CPL, he was happy , intrigued and eager to start flying with a commercial airliner…So he thought that he should start small before applying for every airline there is in the word :). so he started flying on the B737…He applied for delta and within minutes he got accepted and here is his first takeoff with the airline;

he was happy , joy filling his body from tip to toe , but he knew that deep down inside…he wanted more, flying on the B737 is not enough…So he applied for training on the ; A320, A350, B777, B757, …and amazed by his incredible flying skills and the ability to fly nonstop for 24/7/365 every airline in the world decided to hire him…

Here he is flying on the A320…



and finally the B757…

And this ladies and gentlemen is the story of an incredible man , he never feared anything , He stood his place and proved everyone wrong…and with that , he is where he is today!!!

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I hope you enjoyed , I appreciate some feedback as always , Thank you and have a great day!!!


Look at Cpt Fred man… so inspirational.


Ahhhh, I wanna be like cpt fred :(


Don’t we all



Be like Captain Fred. God bless Captain Fred.


Fred is the inspiration. He will always be.

neat pics btw.

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Wait so the girl in the Cessna is supposed to look like Laura OhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHH I just noticed sigh nice story though

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if it wasn’t for cpt. fred…I dont know where I will be today, Thank you!!!

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yessss, thats why I said that Laura is his instructor lol

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Look at at Fred man, so inpirational

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i want a shirt with his face on it

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Amazing story!

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Who doesn’t ;)…, if IF releases one I’m buying it ASAP!!!

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Thank you, really appreciated !!!

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Cool photos

Thank you glad that you liked it !!!

Such a great story! 🥺 so inspiring!

haha, thank you!!!
we all want to be like fred ;)

I’m so proud of him.

Man I wish I was like him …

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